Works underway to tackle rock throwing on Southern Expressway

Works to protect motorists on the Southern Expressway from rock throwing incidents have begun today with steel mesh to be installed over loose rocks along the motorway and additional CCTV cameras to be installed this week.

Approximately 2000 square metres of rock embankment will be secured by the installation of steel mesh at Beach Road and Honeypot Road.

“These are the first of a number of measures the State Government is implementing to help keep motorists safe on the Southern Expressway,” Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government Stephan Knoll said.

“The installation will comprise two layers of steel mesh that is not easily cut and will be monitored by DPTI to assess its ongoing effectiveness.

“Installing CCTV cameras will have the dual benefit of deterring individuals from engaging in this reckless behaviour, as well as help collect more evidence so there is a better chance of identifying and prosecuting those doing the wrong thing.

“In addition to this installation of steel mesh and CCTV cameras, fencing will also be installed as well as throw screens on bridges over the Southern Expressway.

“The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure has been meeting monthly with SAPOL to develop the most appropriate solution to tackle this longstanding problem of rock throwing.

“At the same time that we are delivering our engineering solution to make it physically harder for individuals to access and throw rocks at motor vehicles on the Southern Expressway, SAPOL has launched Operation Watercolour.

“The focus of Operation Watercolour is to prevent further incidents of rock throwing and identify suspects and will involve the direction of police resources including general patrols, bicycle patrols, mounted and dog operations, as well as the police helicopter.

“DPTI and SAPOL have also worked together to number the bridges so that motorists are able to easily report where incidents occur along the Southern Expressway.

“The State Government’s priority is keeping our community safe.

“The new State Government has done more to fix this longstanding problem of rock throwing in the last three months than the previous Labor administration did in 16 years."

Photo: Edward Godfrey