Sturt Hwy set for $350,000 upgrade

Northern Barossans who travel to Gawler or Adelaide on the Sturt Highway between Kingsford Road and Shea-Oak Log can look forward to a smoother commute from 2019.

Earlier today, Minister for Transport and Infrastructure and Member for Schubert Stephan Knoll announced that $350,000 had been committed for resurfacing works on this section of the highway in the 2018-19 financial year.

“After a number of constituents raised their concerns about the state of this road with my office, we took this to the department and I’m pleased to be able to deliver favourable news to residents of Schubert,” Mr Knoll said.

“I myself drive this road often and look forward to a much less bumpy ride in the not too distant future!”

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure recently inspected the prescribed location, confirming the road was subject to undulations which could affect the ride quality and safety of the road.

Mr Knoll said DPTI used a Pavement Management System to prioritise road maintenance projects each financial year.

This system examines the condition of all roads within the network in terms of quality, age and surface condition.

A multi-year program of works is provided, indicating optimum timing to intervene for major repairs or resurfacing.

“Notwithstanding, the proposed timing of works may sometimes change due to other statewide priorities,” Mr Knoll said.

“I am pleased to confirm that sections of the Sturt Highway between Kingsford Road and Shea-Oak Log have been included in DPTI’s program for resurfacing works for the 2018-19 financial year, at a cost of $350,000.”

DPTI will continue to monitor the location and undertake any minor maintenance work to ensure the road is maintained in a safe and trafficable condition for all road users until the resurfacing work is complete.