Security improvements for bus drivers

The State Government has signed off on the supply and installation of bus driver security screens for the remainder of the Adelaide Metro’s 990 strong bus fleet.

The $2.5 million initiative will see the retrofitting of approximately 550 buses, all under the age of 20 years, which will mean 100 per cent of the bus fleet will be fitted with security screens.

“These security screens are an important measure in protecting bus drivers from the risk of physical assault and antisocial behaviour,” Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government Stephan Knoll said.

“The safety of both drivers and passengers on our public transport network is a paramount concern of the State Government.

“Dedicated staff provide a vital service to the community and are entitled to feel safe in their working environment.

“Unfortunately each year there are a number of reported bus driver assaults and there’s absolutely no excuse for this threatening and anti-social behaviour.

“Public transport users have a right to feel safe when they get on a bus, train or tram and that’s why we’re delivering these security screens and will continue to look at ways to make our public transport system safer.

“If a bus driver is physically assaulted it can also put passengers at risk so this is a very important measure to improve the overall safety of our public transport system.

“These security screens are so important because they provide the physical barrier between the threatening person and the driver.

“The roll out is set to commence in June this year and is expected to be completed by 2020 which will drastically increase the safety of our bus drivers.

“New buses have had security screens fitted since 2011 ensuring 29 per cent of buses already include security screens.

“These security screens compliment other measures in place to keep public transport staff and commuters safe including CCTV cameras, improved lighting, emergency alarms, active CCTV monitoring, and provision of security guards at high risk locations, as well as policing resources.”

Currently, penalties for anyone convicted of assaulting bus drivers or any other public transport workers is a maximum of 25 years in jail.