Peter Malinauskas punishes South Australian families and businesses

Peter Malinauskas and the Labor Party have driven the wrecking ball through South Australian household and business budgets by opposing the Marshall Government’s plan to cap council rates.

“Mr Mailinauskas said he didn’t want to lead a destructive style Opposition – well yesterday he ran the wrecking ball through the household budget,” Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government Stephan Knoll said.

“Every time hard working South Australian families and businesses open their council rate bills in horror – they now have Mr Malinauskas to thank.

“Labor is punishing South Australian families and businesses.

“The Marshall Government was elected to deliver more jobs, lower costs and better services.

“The overwhelming majority of South Australians support capping council rates – a proven measure that will lower costs.

“Capping council rates will deliver lower costs for South Australian families, households and businesses.

“It will protect South Australians from unjustified council rate hikes.

“Importantly, capping council rates is the only way to guarantee we can keep council rates in check.

“Unfortunately, Labor has put petty politics ahead of people.

“Labor are ignoring the overwhelming majority of South Australians who support rate capping.

“Instead they have put forward a shambolic and confused proposal that cannot guarantee ratepayers won’t be subjected to unnecessary rate hikes.

“Unlike Labor, the Marshall Government is putting ratepayers first – not reckless spending councils and petty politics.”