Parliament - Women in Agriculture and Business

I rise to make a brief contribution on this and not to go over the ground that other speakers have gone over except to say congratulations to the Women in Agriculture and Business on their 100-year anniversary. A woman in my office by the name of
Courtney is a local of Saddleworth and Riverton and knows all things that go on over there and has been talking to me quite a bit about the work that these people do in her local community.

I want to specifically thank and acknowledge the work of the branches that exist within the beautiful electorate of Schubert, and in particular the Rosedale, Sandy Creek and Williamstown branch, which was formed in 1953, and the Tanunda branch, which was formed in 1950. We also have the former branches of Freeling, Wasleys and Light Pass.

The Tanunda branch have been a fantastic group of women, in particular Mel Hoffman who has been a stalwart of that branch; in fact, I am fairly certain that Mel has actually been a part of that branch for her its entire life. Whilst now their numbers are not that great and they are looking for new recruits, they have made a huge and valuable contribution to the Schubert electorate and to the
Barossa Valley over the last 67 years and they are a welcome part of the fabric that makes up our beautiful community.

To the Women in Agriculture and Business, can I add my support and my thanks for the work that they do in helping to advance the cause.