Modelling sinks Labor’s Springbank Road intersection proposal

The State Government has released traffic modelling confirming that the “staggered T” solution for the Springbank/Goodwood/Daws Road intersection upgrade will deliver the best traffic outcome.

The modelling shows the Marshall Government’s solution would save commuters more time in both the morning and afternoon peak periods than Labor’s realignment alternative.

The Marshall Government’s solution will save motorists on average 2.5 minutes during the afternoon peak period and 17 seconds more than Labor’s proposal during the morning peak.

The modelling shows that Labor’s realignment proposal would actually increase the average travel time for commuters in the morning peak period.

Average delay per vehicle passing through intersections:

“The numbers don’t lie and the numbers confirm that the Marshall Government’s solution will deliver faster travel times during peak periods through these intersections than Labor’s ill-conceived proposal,” Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government Stephan Knoll said.

“The Marshall Government’s solution will save motorists almost 2.5 minutes on average when traveling through these intersections during the afternoon peak period.

“The modelling shows the Liberal solution will deliver better travel outcomes by 40% and 51% than Labor’s proposal in the afternoon and morning peak periods respectively.

“Labor’s proposal is purely political and would actually increase travel times on average during the morning peak period.

“Only the South Australian Labor Party and Tom Koutsantonis would think that spending more taxpayer dollars to get a worse traffic outcome is a good idea.

“Labor are reckless and have again proven they are happy to flush taxpayer dollars down the drain to achieve a purely political outcome.

“Tom Koutsantonis and the Labor Party have egg on their face today – caught out arguing for a more expensive proposal that would deliver a worse traffic outcome.

“Unlike Labor, the Marshall Government will continue to do what is right and deliver good and tested policies that will deliver the best outcomes for South Australians.”