Liberals prioritise Paradise and Golden Grove Park ‘n’ Rides

The Marshall Liberal Government has announced the upcoming State Budget will include $18.5 million to deliver the Paradise and Golden Grove park ‘n’ rides as a priority.

The delivery of these key election commitments will see the total number of car parks at the Golden Grove and Paradise park ‘n’ rides increase to 400 and 775 respectively.

“The Marshall Liberal Government will deliver better public transport services for the people of the north-eastern suburbs by extending park ‘n’ rides at Paradise and Golden Grove,” Minster for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government Stephan Knoll said.

“Currently, many commuters are left frustrated due to the lack of parking at Paradise interchange, forcing them to park on the busy main road or spill over into side streets in the area.

“Approximately 5300 people board buses at the Paradise interchange every day so there’s a real need for increased parking.

“That’s why the Paradise interchange park ‘n’ ride is the Marshall Government’s priority and is expected to be completed in the first half of 2020.

“These park ‘n’ rides will encourage more people to use the O’Bahn service, reduce congestion in the area and provide a better service.

“Investing in park ‘n’ rides is part of the Marshall Government’s plan to deliver a better public transport network for South Australians.

“The Marshall Government remains committed to delivering the previously budgeted park ‘n’ rides at Tea Tree Plaza and Klemzig.

“However, we will be prioritising the Paradise and Golden Grove park ‘n’ rides because there is a far greater need for more car parks at these two locations.”

Local Liberal Member for Hartley Vincent Tarzia welcomed the news that the Paradise interchange would be fast tracked.

“The local community has been crying out for more car parks at the Paradise interchange for years now,” Mr Tarzia said.

“I’m delighted to be able to say that not only will the Marshall Government deliver a park ‘n’ ride at Paradise interchange, but it will also be the government’s priority to deliver it by 2020.”

Local Liberal Member for King Paula Luethen welcomed the announcement saying she was happy to be delivering another election promise on a local issue.

“These additional car parks will encourage more people to use public transport, make parking easier and help to alleviate traffic issues on local streets,” Ms Luethen said.