Liberal Government reaffirms rate capping commitment

The Minister for Local Government Stephan Knoll will reaffirm the Liberal Government’s commitment to cap council rates during an address to the Local Government Association’s OGM today.

“The Liberal Government remains absolutely committed to capping council rates to ease cost of living pressures for households and businesses,” Minister for Local Government Stephan Knoll said.

“We want to work with the local government sector so that we can deliver the best rate capping scheme in Australia.

“Today I will again be inviting the sector to work with the new government to refine and help deliver the best possible rate capping scheme for both councils and ratepayers.

“The sector now has a choice to make - either work with the new government to deliver these reforms, or risk frustrating the process to the detriment of ratepayers.

“If the local government sector remains disengaged it could lead to a poorer outcome for councils, damaging the sector, its reputation and ratepayers.

“This was a key policy that we took to the election and we intend to deliver on it to protect South Australian families and businesses from massive rate hikes.

“The State Liberals have received overwhelming community support for our rate capping policy over the last four years and we have a strong mandate to deliver on this commitment.

“The Liberal Party won the majority of the two party preferred vote, a majority of seats and as a consequence have formed majority government – so we strongly believe we have a mandate to implement the policies we took to the election, including rate capping.

“The local government sector plays an important role in providing key services for our local communities and that’s why we want to work with the sector in developing and implementing a rate capping scheme.

“I’ve already had a productive discussion with LGA President Lorraine Rosenberg and I look forward to continuing those discussions in the coming months.

“The previous Labor administration allowed the cost of living in South Australia to spiral out of control.

“Capping council rates is just one key measure of the new Liberal Government’s plan to ease the cost of living for South Australian households and families.”