Liberal Government backs local small business

Enabling business and tourism growth is a key priority for Member for Schubert Stephan Knoll as he embarks on his second term as the region’s local member of Parliament.

Following an industry briefing from Barossa Grape and Wine Association, Mr Knoll said he was looking forward to working with regional organisations and his fellow members of Cabinet to deliver a more productive and profitable future for South Australia.

Mr Knoll met with BGWA directors and Primary Industries and Regional Development Minister Tim Whetstone at Hentley Farm on Tuesday to discuss improved ways of working together to support local industry.

“We (the new Liberal Government) are about enabling growth and development across the state,” he said.

“This means we are moving away from grants for individual businesses towards a more all-encompassing approach.”

The new attitude focussed on factors which may be hindering business and tourism growth.

“We have some quite ambitious growth targets and the Barossa is a region with a lot of opportunities when it comes to business development and job creation.

“As Minister (for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure), a lot of the key opportunity areas cross into my area of responsibility.

“I’m looking forward to working with BGWA and the other relevant ministers to put these plans into action.”

In coming months, BGWA will be focussing on two of Australia’s key luxury markets, China and the United States.

South Australian wine exports earned $1.56 billion in the 12 months to December 2017, its best global market result for 10 years.

These results reinforce South Australia as the country’s leading wine producer and exporter, with close to 61 per cent of total international earnings.

Locally, Barossa growers shipped almost $82.5 million of product overseas – almost five million litres of Barossa bottled wine – an increase of 31 per cent on the previous year.