Knoll to introduce buffer resolution

A number of factors within the peri-urban areas of South Australia have led to an increase in disputes between landholders of different land uses. As a result of this, Stephan Knoll MP, Member for Schubert, is seeking to introduce a Private Members Bill which will provide a low cost, informal mechanism to mediate these disputes.

“The interface between agricultural, residential and horticultural land uses has become more complex over the past decade,” Mr Knoll said.

“For new development approvals, there has been an increasing focus on ensuring that adequate buffer management is part of the approval, but this does not help where existing approvals are in place.
“However, mandating minimum buffer distances will increase the amount of unproductive land in any new agricultural development.

“Currently, land use disputes of this nature end up in the Environment Resources and Development (ERD) Court if it is related to a planning application. Outside of this, a general Civil action would need to be taken. This can be quite an expensive process and lead to relationships between landholders becoming irreconcilable.

“Where cooperation breaks down between landholders, there needs to be a mechanism established which has the appropriate expertise and powers to be able to mediate the dispute.

“The mechanism should be low cost, informal and produce a management plan that clearly spells out the obligations of each party. There should also be an escalation mechanism where the management plan does not work in the form of referral to the ERD Court or the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

“I encourage landholders to contribute to the development of this Private Members Bill through contacting my office on 8563 3636 or via email [email protected]