Knoll highlights priority projects for Gawler

Knoll highlights priority projects for Gawler

Parliament is currently considering legislation regarding the Gawler Parklands. In his contribution Stephan Knoll, Member for Schubert, outlined priority projects for the Gawler region.

“By 2026 the government projects that the Town of Gawler will house 32,858 people, up from the 20,536 it housed in 2011, the last Census,” said Mr Knoll.

“In June 2008 Labor announced with great fanfare the electrification of the Gawler railway line. Unfortunately after a series of announcements we are still waiting.

“This is where we stand today. The people of Gawler look on jealously at those riding the Seaford line, especially when considering that the Gawler electrification line had a better business case than the Seaford line, and also as has been suggested to me, that the wasted costs on the blowout of the Seaford electrification could have been spent to electrify the entire line to Gawler.

“The second transport priority is to improve bus services in Gawler. The buses were introduced in 2011 with some fanfare by Minister Piccolo, except the problem is that the buses run empty or on very low patronage a lot of the time. The Liberals vowed to scrap the existing services and replace them with a new network. Unfortunately we didn’t the Liberals didn’t win the election, and we also did not win the seat of Light.

“The third project is Gawler Connect. Gawler Connect is the concept to rejuvenate Gawler’s Town Hall, Institute and subsequently Murray Street of Gawler into an arts, cultural and community hub. It is an exciting one, and I look forward to the cultural activation of this area.

“And last, but not least, the greatest way that this bill could be amended to improve the Town of Gawler…(is) an eastern bypass road for the Town of Gawler,” Mr Knoll said

“The government needs to get on and get this deal done. The community has been waiting for this for a long time; this proposal has been announced and repackaged since 2010, but it is well before that, that an eastern bypass road for the town of Gawler was mooted.

“In fact, I was recently discussing with former Member for Light, Bruce Eastick, about his vision for Gawler, and the fact that a bypass road was something that was being considered while he was a member in Parliament – and Bruce retired in 1993."