Have YourSAy on driver training industry

The Marshall Government is reviewing the current driver training and assessment process to deliver a best practice driver training model that is both customer and road safety focused.

Public consultation will run until Friday, September 28, and the community is encouraged to provide feedback via a survey at https://yoursay.sa.gov.au/decisions/driver-training-consultation.

“The driver training industry is largely unregulated and the lack of legislative provisions allowing for appropriate oversight has been an ongoing issue within the industry,” Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government Stephan Knoll said.

“There are currently 623 licensed instructors in South Australia and of those, 306 are also appointed as an examiner with approximately 30,000 examinations across all licence classes each year. 

“Section 5 of the Motor Vehicles Act 1959 contains a definition of an Authorised Examiner however the Act remains silent on all other aspects around examiners.

“There are ongoing issues within this industry around upfront bulk payments for lessons with no receipts or written agreements, the proficiency of instructors and instructors training to ‘pass’ tests rather than training to ‘drive’.

“There is only a voluntary code of conduct governing this industry and no central register of instructors for the public to access.

“That’s why the State Government is consulting with the community to get their feedback.”


Some of the proposals that could be considered include:

  • Developing a mandatory Code of Conduct
  • Establishing an online register of instructors and examiners to assist the public to make informed decisions
  • Increased auditing provisions to ensure the proficiency of instructors and examiners
  • Consider establishing a legislated sanctions process
  • Possibly required instructors and examiners to undertake a commercial fitness test.

“This is about striking the right balance between minimising red tape but also ensuring we have a safe and appropriate framework in place,” Minister Knoll said.

“The State Government needs to be confident that instructors and examiners are up to the job and that people getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle can safely operate that vehicle.

“As road safety within our communities is influenced by the quality of driver training and assessment provided, the South Australian Government is placing a high priority on this review.”

Following the public consultation stage, the driver training industry will have an opportunity to provide input to achieve a best practice and customer and road safety focused model.