Council rate capping one step closer

The Marshall Government’s proposed rate capping policy is now one step closer to providing financial relief for South Australians after the proposed legislation passed through State Parliament’s Lower House last night.

“The Marshall Government’s rate capping policy will ease cost of living pressures for South Australians and protect them from unjustified rate hikes,” Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government Stephan Knoll said.

“Rate capping is about protecting ratepayers, they’re the lost voice in this debate and only the Marshall Government is standing up for them.

“Over the last decade council rates have increased at a rate of almost three times the rate of inflation and ratepayers are fed up.

“Capping council rates will provide much needed financial relief for South Australian households and businesses.

“It will also help restore confidence in the local government sector by keeping rate rises down and improving transparency and accountability.  

“It’s disappointing that the Labor Opposition are still refusing to support rate capping.

“Peter Malinauskas has failed a significant test of his leadership by failing to convince his Labor colleagues to support rate capping.

“It appears the Labor caucus are divided on this issue.

“It’s time Peter Malinauskas stopped sitting on the fence, showed some leadership and urged his Labor colleagues to support our rate capping policy.

“Peter Malinauskas must explain to South Australians why his Labor Opposition are leaving South Australians in limbo and exposed to further unjustified council rate hikes.

“By contrast, the Marshall Government is committed to providing certainty and lowering the cost of living and doing business in South Australia.

“We have already slashed ESL bills to save South Australians $90 million a year, we will abolish payroll tax for all small businesses and we are working to deliver our Energy Solution to lower energy prices.

“Capping council rates will also ease cost of living pressures for South Australians and Labor must stop standing in the way and support our proposal.”