Charter to engage local community in planning process

The State Government has today launched a new Community Engagement Charter giving South Australians greater opportunities to help shape their neighbourhoods.

Minister for Planning Stephan Knoll will today officially approve and launch the charter which includes a set of legally binding principles of engagement to ensure the way authorities engage is fit for purpose and transparent.

“The Community Engagement Charter is a significant step toward making South Australia’s planning system more transparent and engaging,” Minister for Planning Stephan Knoll said.

“The new charter is part of a major modernisation of South Australia’s planning system to ensure it is easier and simpler for everyone to use and helps to attract more investment and jobs.

“Getting to know the ideas of people locally helps to co-create much loved spaces and, importantly, gives everyone faith and confidence in the rules for future development.

“The charter aims to involve local people early to influence the type of development that can happen in their area when drawing up the planning rules that shape cities, towns and public spaces.

“Involving communities in the setting of the rules provides greater certainty when it comes to the assessment of individual development proposals.

“There is already lots of innovative work with communities on the future of neighbourhoods and this legally binding charter steps that up another gear giving people the right to have an earlier say and for that to happen across our state.”

South Australia’s new independent planning body, the State Planning Commission, developed the charter after listening to a range of community, industry, councils and state bodies about its important features and will oversee compliance with the charter.

“The development of the charter was a collaborative process with three phases of engagement, including involvement from a community panel that helped shape the Charter from the very beginning,” chair of the State Planning Commission Tim Anderson QC said.

“The Commission members and I would like to acknowledge and thank the community panel for their input.

“The release of the charter is a significant step forward in guiding the implementation of South Australia’s new planning system.

“The State Planning Commission will use the Charter in the next 18 months to ensure development of the State Planning Policies and the Planning and Design Code are informed by genuine engagement with our community.

“Local Government will need to meet the Charter when it starts to spatially apply the Code in 2019.

“The Charter provides for the continual evaluation and improvement of our community engagement activities.”