‘On-demand’ transport trials set to start early next year

The Marshall Government has announced that Mount Barker and the Barossa will be the centre of two six-month demand responsive transport trials.

Similar to ride sharing passenger services, commuters will be able to download an app and request a vehicle ‘on-demand’ which will pick them up from their home or within a proposed distance of 60 -130 metres from their current location.

Both trials are proposed to commence early next year and run for six months after which time the results will be evaluated.

Following a select market approach, eight applications were received and evaluated. Keolis Downer had the most comprehensive proposal, ranking highest against the selection criteria and were awarded the grant to run these trials in Mount Barker and the Barossa.

“The Marshall Government is continuing to look at exciting and innovative ways to drive public transport growth,” said Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government Stephan Knoll.

“We want to provide a better and more convenient service to encourage South Australians to leave the car at home and hop on a bus, train or tram.

“We consistently receive feedback that South Australians want more frequent services which unfortunately cannot always be delivered due to limited resources.

“That’s why we are exploring ‘on-demand’ bus services, so passengers don’t have to wait for a bus service in these areas, they can call one when they need it.

“'On-demand' services will provide passengers with a faster and more personalised service.

“Passengers will be able to track where their bus is and order it to their location to save them waiting in the rain or heat.

“In its simplest terms, these ‘on-demand’ bus services will operate in a similar way to most ride sharing apps than millions of people use right across the country.

“If we can provide a better and more convenient service then more people will want to catch public transport – it’s as simple as that.

“Unlike the former Labor administration, the Marshall Government is exploring new, exciting and innovative ideas to provide better public transport services for South Australians.

“Under Labor we know that overall public transport patronage declined and was actually higher around ten years ago than when they left Office.

“Our public transport reforms will look to turn this around, drive patronage and deliver better services.”

To support these innovative trials, $1.7 million has been contributed from the South Australian Government’s Future Mobility Lab (FML) Fund.

Member for Kavel Dan Cregan MP welcomed the ‘on-demand’ trial in the Hills.

“I am very pleased that my community will be one of the first to benefit from this important trial,” said Mr Cregan.

“The former state government rezoned farm land around Mount Barker for massive housing growth and didn’t put in the services and infrastructure we need.”