Parliament - One vote one Value

I rise to oppose this bill in the strongest of terms, and in doing so think that it is important that South Australians, the Labor Party and everybody in this...

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Speech - Paddock to the plate: a fair return for producers

I rise to speak to the 'Paddock to the plate: a fair return for producers' report conducted by the Economic and Finance Committee. I was gladly surprised when the member...

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Parliament - Women in Agriculture and Business

I rise to make a brief contribution on this and not to go over the ground that other speakers have gone over except to say congratulations to the Women in...

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Speech - Schubert Electorate

I rise also to wish the Crows well on the weekend. I have my scarf here ready to go and I look forward to sitting down with my five-year-old nephew...

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Speech - Rate Capping

I want to start off with a quote because this is a topic that I have canvassed before and it is a topic that the member for Kaurna and I...

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Speech - Electorate of Schubert

I rise this afternoon to give a grievance on the Supply Bill as it relates to the unsurpassed electorate of Schubert. We may not have coastline—we may have, though, a...

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Wine Tax - Adjournment Debate

Mr KNOLL ( Schubert ) ( 17:32 ):

I rise today to talk about an issue that is very pertinent to my electorate and to...

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Marshall releases '2036'

State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall has today released ‘2036’ – a long-term vision for South Australia to coincide with the State’s Bicentenary.

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Knoll counts Government waste

Mr Stephan Knoll MP, Member for Schubert and Chair of the State Liberals’ WasteWatch Committee has today released a book detailing ‘40 Reasons Why You Can’t Trust Labor with Your...

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Speech - Pinery Bushfires

Mr KNOLL ( Schubert ) ( 15:44 ): I rise today to talk on the Pinery fire that affected parts of my electorate last week. At the start, I...

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Speech - Compulsory Third Party Insurance Regulation Bill

Recently I spoke in Parliament with regard to the Motor Accident Commission and the Government's changes to Compulsory Third Party Insurance. 

Mr KNOLL (Schubert) (12:41): I rise to also support...

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ESL hides Labor’s true intentions

I recently wrote an article for regarding the Emergency Services Levy which I've reproduced here: 

Off the Bench: ESL Hides Labors's True Intentions


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Speech - Interstate and Intrastate Migration

This issue of people leaving South Australia is quite personal for me. 

I commend the member for Chaffey for bringing this issue to the house. It is an issue that is...

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Reforming SA's Electoral Laws

I recently wrote an article for regarding South Australia's Electoral Laws which I've reproduced here: 

Off the Bench: Reforming SA’s electoral laws


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Budget Reply Speech: For the budget to rise, we must change the culture of waste

Can I say, Acting Speaker, that the Treasurer came into this place on 18 June and he spoke with a level of hyperbole that I think would make Homer...

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WorkReady - Grievance Debate

June 2nd, 2015 Mr KNOLL (Schubert) (15:17): I rise to grieve today about the government's disastrous decision in regard to WorkReady replacing Skills for All. Can I say that this...

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Speech - Strengthening Families to to improve child protection outcomes

I rise today to speak about the Children's Protection (Implementation of Coroner's Recommendations) Amendment Bill because it is something that, as a new father, has struck a chord.

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Knoll to introduce buffer resolution

A number of factors within the peri-urban areas of South Australia have led to an increase in disputes between landholders of different land uses. As a result of this, Stephan...

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Concession win for pensioners

Member for Schubert, Stephan Knoll, is pleased the Labor Government has finally recognised the need for our older residents to continue to be supported financially and restore certainty to concessions...

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Knoll highlights priority projects for Gawler

Parliament is currently considering legislation regarding the Gawler Parklands. In his contribution Stephan Knoll, Member for Schubert, outlined priority projects for the Gawler region.

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South Australian Economy - Grievance Debate

May 12th, 2015 

Mr KNOLL ( Schubert ) ( 15:27 ): Last week, the member for Kaurna lectured this parliament about so-called conservatives stifling innovation and change in South Australia. His arguments were flawed and hide...

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Knoll welcomes innovation to solve public transport woes

Stephan Knoll, Member for Schubert, has welcomed the introduction of a review of the regulatory framework relating to taxis in South Australia.

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Government Procurement - Grievance Debate

May 6th, 2015 Mr KNOLL ( Schubert ) ( 15:31 ): Today, in the latest instalment of looking at the waste and mismanagement of this government, we turn to a...

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Barossa providing pathways for people with a disability

Stephan Knoll MP, Member for Schubert, has labelled Barossa Enterprises as one of the most pre-eminent organisations in his electorate in a speech to Parliament.

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Tourism Board saved

Stephan Knoll MP, Member for Schubert, is glad that the South Australian Tourism Commission’s Board will be spared from the Government’s list of boards and committees to be disbanded.

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Thanking the Uniting Church

Member for Schubert, Stephan Knoll MP, recently took the opportunity to thank local Uniting Church Reverend Christine Manning in parliament during the second reading of The Uniting Church in Australia)...

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Minister loses confidence of the CFS

Stephan Knoll, Member for Schubert has called for Minister Tony Piccolo, the Minister for Emergency Services, to turn around his destructive policies and rebuild confidence with CFS members.

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Knoll thanks foster carers

Stephan Knoll MP, Member for Schubert recently spoke in Parliament to support the Statutes Amendment (Rights of Foster Parents and Guardians) Bill 2015. Liberal Member for Hammond, Adrian Pederick recently...

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BlazeAid needs your help

Recently in Parliament, Member for Schubert, Stephan Knoll, spoke about the community organisation, BlazeAid and his recent experiences with them.

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