About Schubert

Max Schubert (1915-1994), wine-maker of the renowned Grange Hermitage, was born near Angaston and lived in the Barossa Valley for most of his life. Using pioneering methods and sound judgement he won international acclaim for the South Australian wine industry.

Area: approx. 3,495.3 km2

Location: A country district incorporating the wine-producing region of the Barossa Valley to the north-east of the metropolitan area and the rural hinterland east to the River Murray. This district was subject to boundary changes at the 2007 redistribution.

History: Created at the 1994 redistribution and contested for the first time at the 1997 elections.

Schubert Wishlist

1. A new Barossa Hospital

2. Better local public transport options

3. Greater support for local industries especially food, wine and tourism

4. Increased local road funding

5. A stronger economy through better management of the state’s finances